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FAQ about Counselling and Psychotherapy

Do I have to speak about the past experiences that were painful? 

No. You are in control of what you bring into therapy. I will never make you talk about anything you don’t want to. There may be times when you feel that sharing something with a professional in a safe and confidential environment would be helpful for you. At other times you may not yet be ready to open up and I will fully respect your autonomy.

How many sessions do I need?

It depends on your personal preference and your goals for therapy. 

For people with an array of issues or who feel like engaging in deeper work, longer termed therapy might be suitable. For people who have fewer issues to deal with, who know clearly what they want out of therapy, and are comfortable taking actions accordingly, fewer sessions might be enough.

After we’ve agreed to work together, I will discuss the number of sessions we will start with. We will have a review towards the end of the agreed term at which time you can decide if you are ready to end therapy, or you would like to have more sessions.

What issues can you work with?

These are just some of the areas I work with: anxiety, depression, relationship issues, trauma, bereavement, work/study stress, self-esteem, life/work transition, self-connection, self-care, authenticity, Sensory Processing Sensitivity (Highly Sensitive Person), existential crisis, spiritual/transcendent experiences' integration

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